Mayer Design | VECTONICS
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The project develops mechanisms that extract fundamental attributes of built space, deriving the creation of new digital forms through an indexical organisation of discrete parts that simulate these attributes. The development of a radical tectonic and programmatic assemblage is built upon the computational folding and sequential interlocking of standardised bent metal pipe geometries. These generated interlocking aggregations are fundamentally dictated by overarching generic laws of interaction prescribed by both the designed manner of the brick-to-brick connection and the repetitious sequence embedded in the collective formations. Advanced concepts of generative part-to-whole relationships explore the subversive concept of digitising the interpretation of space through the reproduction of a series of distinct architectural typologies identified within the urban grid plan of Buenos Aires. This discourse devolves the architectural engagement with spatial design by empowering the relevance of automated digital manufacturing in an age where the limitations of urban architectural production are confined to given programmes of space. This radical building logic is constructed in the order of: typological precedent (existing building), classification (identification of spatial hierarchies), extraction (record of representative data), assimilation of features (reinterpretation), and reinvention of architectural form.